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    How to Write Short Stories and Get Them Published is still available. As I mentioned before, if you're interested in reading my thesis (and it really is interesting) you can access a copy through this link: My Thesis Also, over the past few months, I've been revising and releasing some of my horror fiction.

    How to Write Short Stories

    How to Write Short Stories and Get Them Published is the essential guide to writing short fiction. It takes the aspiring writer from their initial idea through to potential outlets for publication and pitching proposals to publishers.

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    Ashley R Lister


    Ashley Lister is a prolific writer of genre fiction, having written more than fifty full length titles and over a hundred short stories. Aside from regularly blogging about poetry and writing in general, Ashley also teaches creative writing. He is the regular host for Blackpool's Pub Poets and lives in Lancashire.


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    writer, teacher, blogger & poet


    The author of more than fifty full length titles, written under a variety of pseudonyms.  read more


    Short Story Writer

    The author of 100+ short stories, including...

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    Award winning blogger and regular contributor to a variety of websites including...

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    The author of  Old People Sex. Regular host of the Pub Poet open mic events and a member of Other Wise Words.

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    A lecturer in creative writing and occasional speaker at various conferences. 

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    Following the death of his best friend, author Ben Haversham is crippled by a terminal case of writer's block. The isolation of his agent's remote cottage, nestled in an out-of-the-way village, seems like the ideal location for him to rekindle his creativity. Except, Sandalwood village, with its curious museum the `Doll House', is not as idyllic as it first appears. There is a history to Sandalwood. There are nefarious plots and dark secrets held by the sinister souls who reside in Sandalwood. And there are dark and dangerous characters determined to keep those secrets. Even if his own ghosts hadn't followed him to Sandalwood, Ben discovers that he would still have been haunted by the many malevolent spirits that reside in the village beneath the shadow of the Doll House.

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    Fifty Shades of Grey has made Erotica the genre of the moment and thousands of creative writers will be aspiring to become the next E L James. This book is for them.


     Hell is the other people who work in the offices of Raven and Skull. After a week of horror and upset, six colleagues from the Raven and Skull offices get together in the pub to exchange stories and decide which of them has had the worst week. Do you dare to hear what they have to say?

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    Following the nightmare attack at Sand Hills Fun Park - a horrific incident involving a psychotic clown wielding a meat cleaver - normality starts to return for those who were most seriously affected. 

    However, one year later, something dangerous is again lurking in the darkened corners of the fun park.

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    Poetry Readings - probably NSFW

    The infamous 'Midget Poem'.

    The Ballad of Poor Dave

    Old People Sex - by Ashley Lister

    Coming Together in Verse 2015

    Batman's Not Gay 0 L HOllamby

    Threshold - Adrea Kore

    F Words - Le Petit Mortimer

    Sed Typical Brit Abroad - Ruby Red

    Best Enjoyed Hard - Adrea Kore

    Logos - Lisabet Sarai

  • Upcoming Events

    Pub Poets

    Blackpool's Pub Poets meet on the first Sunday of every month and, this year, they have a magnificent line up of guest poets.

    Pub poets
    Writing Erotic Poetry

    Every month I submit a writing exercise to the Erotica Readers & Writers Association


    I'm currently working on a new project, more details to follow in the near future. 

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    Latest News

    Reviewing Horror

    I'm currently reviewing horror movies for UK Horror Scene. They showcase the best in British horror and are well worth checking out: ukhorrorscene.com

    Shakespeare in Manchester

    23rd July 2016 Performing Shakespeare and my own work on the rooftop of Manchester's Spaceport X.  The incredible Joy France filmed parts of this event.

    Raven and Skull - book launch

    10th July 2016 A huge thank you to Trevor Meaney and the Pub Poets for hosting the launch of Raven and Skull.  For those of you who missed Trevor or Colin's performances on the evening, here's the link to my blog page, which contains video.

    Pop Art

    Lisa Bower took time to interview me for the first edition of the incredible Pop Art radio show.  If you missed the show, this is a link to the recording.

    Caffeine Nights Publishing

    Following the publication of Raven and Skull, I now have an author's page with Caffeine Nights Publishing.

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    Ashley R Lister

    E-mail: me@ashleylister.co.uk

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    None of the material on this website may be used without the author's express permission. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  • Privacy Policy

    None of the material on this website may be used without the author's express permission. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.